Friday, January 28, 2011

Learning to Love Your Mailbox

My friend/teacher/rollergirl  Lynn Talley told me about this site. It's called postcrossing and it is fabulous.

This is how it works. You go to the above link. You register (free). You request an address . You go buy a postcard or make one from your town. You mail said postcard to addresses that you have recieved randomly from ALL OVER THE WORLD. Put your ID on it, write a little note and MAIL IT! That's right, in the MAILBOX. It's that thing at the end of your driveway that usually has letters from people who you owe money. It's OK to be scared or mad at your mailbox but don't take it out on the mailbox, please. Use it to make your day better not worse when you get home. So, here is where it gets better! When your postcard is recieved, that person will register your ID number which in turn puts you on the random list that kicks out addresses to everyone else ALL OVER THE WORLD.

Now, the best part......when you get home one day and go check your mailbox you get excited and smile because in there, is something to brighten your day! I highly recommend this for moms who have children that are learning penmenship (do they even teach that anymore??) or just how to write a letter in general. It only takes about 3 sentences to fill a postcard! Perfect. Plus, it is not like a pen-pal situation, you only write once. You can request the person again if you wish. When you register recieved postcards it will map it out for you to give you a visual of how far it traveled to you. It's super cool.

When I registered and filled out my profile I asked people to share a favorite recipe. I have gotten a few so far. I also now know that sells gelatin leaves..

Finland (today)




P.S. This is also perfect if you know a stamp collector.

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