Sunday, February 13, 2011

16 Candles Valentine Treats

Our local AMC was showing 16 Candles on Sunday. My best friend Celine, Tracy, and Pat McDonnell  (who had NEVER seen it before!!!!!) Don, Winston and Cora decided we would take this opportunity to see it on the BIG SCREEN! Again. Paying 2011 prices for a movie made in 1984. We are brilliant.

I was fooling around on looking at templates for gift tags to print on business cards and came across this movie ticket template. This got my mind going. It was 8am and quiet and 2 cups of coffee:) I downloaded for free, the pattern ,then adjusted accordingly. I just looked up movie quotes from 16 candles and went from there. Next, I knew that REDBOX was giving away free codes for Valentine's Day. I looked up the code and voila! Then, I decided there was no way I could stop. Nope, next thing you know, I was at Walgreen's picking up microwave popcorn and movie candy. mmmm, sno-caps, my favorite. I, for some unkown reason, happened to have heart shape bath fizzies in the craft room. Along with red and pink ribbon. They started out in brown paper bags until I realized I may need more than 6. 

I went on youtube and looked up 'how to make a paper bag' until I found a design I liked. Then I went looking for scrapbook paper and found one of my boyfriends old pin-up calendars. Score! Made bags then stuffed them and this is how it looked!
(some of the pictures you will notice were taken when I still thought brown bags were going to do the trick;))


Calendar and Pin-Up Treat Bags
Each bag had a different quote.

I made a different card for the code.
The Goodies
So wrong. And funny.
This always reminds me of Celine, my best friend of 24 YEARS!
I love this idea and the pin-ups worked like a charm.

Winston, Don, Celine, Cora and Pat holding up our complimentary posters! Thanks AMC.


  1. Don informed me that this movie actually came out in 1983! No wonder I had never seen it on the big screen. I was 10:)

  2. Those are awesome Darby! The bags look like you bought them. And I'm going to try the Redbox code today!

  3. Actually, Darb - you were right and I was wrong: I checked a couple of sources online and they reveal that SIXTEEN CANDLES was released in May of 1984.

  4. either way! we were just babies! I had a wonderful time:)

  5. These are awesome! Some of my favorite quotes too. Wish I was in FL to have gone with you to that...I know the movie by heart!