Saturday, February 23, 2013

Breakfast Wreath

I needed a project on a rainy day. I perused pinterest and then came up with this. I adjusted recipe to use what I had on hand.
1 Crescent Roll Tube
6 eggs
Cheese, umm about 1.5 cups,shredded ( I used cheddar and jack)
Sandwich Ham, right out of package, diced.
Lay out crescent rolls in star shape. (refer to picture)
Scramble eggs, then distribute onto star. Salt, pepper it. Then sprinkle the cheese and ham. (or bacon or sausage or ALL:))
Wrap points around to meet in the middle.
Bake according to directions on crescent roll package.
Yes, its that easy.
* next time I am drizzling hollandaise over it.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

They are turning ONE!!!!

We are bad parents and ended up with a litter of 6 boxer/pit bull puppies last year. They started to arrive in the wee morning hours of February 16th. It was a lot of work , laundry, etc. We found amazing homes for 4 of them. I am sure we didn't mean to keep 2 in additon to the parents we already owned but it happened. I am not so sure if we "kept" them or if I just stopped trying to find them homes. Either way we still have them and they will be 1 soon and I love them dearly. We never even re-named them. We kept the handles that we gave them for the vet. My boyfriend gives dogs greek god names, thus the parents are Aries and Eris. So, how we ended up with Panda and Lil Girl is kind of funny to me.
So that's how we ended up with 5 dogs. Oh, wait, yea I forgot to tell you, I also have a miniature australian shepherd who affectionately gets called Ole Round Tooth Bail , Granny or just Bailey. She is camera shy or maybe she just hides under chairs from 70 lb+ dogs.
Aries, aka Daddy Fatz or Fat Boy
Eris, their momma, at our first vet visit. All moms recognize that look of defeat.

Panda aka The Pan Man and Lil Girl then ( The only girl in the litter of 6 and the smallest) then and now.

All the puppies, last year. From top left to bottom right: Saddlebags now, Maxus. Fozzy now, Leroy. Panda. Fat Boy now, Buster. Lil' Girl. Amos now Otis Amos Thomas or OAT and fittingly so. He weighs 97 lbs according to his owner. And last but not least,The Momma, Eris aka Bo Bear.

Aries is a fan of mommas home made peanut butter treats.

Dog Treat Recipe HERE

Up-cycled book crafts.

I love the Library! I love the Friends of the Library Store too! It is a little store tucked in the corner of our main branch library where you can buy maps, records, books and other trinkets for a song or a verse;-) We are working on updating our web site but you are welcome to check it out, The Friends of the Library.

Since joining The Board of Directors, I am in the position to go into the basement and cherry pick books to make projects that I then donate to the store for Helga to sell.( Helga is the woman that makes things happen in that store. She is AMAZING!) I also, on occasion, do some craft fairs and donate a portion of my sales to The Friends. Its a good gig!

These are a few of the things I make out of pre-loved books. I understand that some people have a problem destroying books however it takes the guilt away if the library says its o.k. We are crafting people, not burning.
recycled paper. using book pages, old bills and whatever was laying around.
My booth at Railroad Square.

book purse
book purse.

book page magnets

book page ornaments. JOY cut out from cereal box. And christmas trees.
gift tags using recycled card board and book pages.
I love the accordian ornaments. They make a beautiful, unique garland.

book page owl made out of toilet paper roll.
Book page owl in a book page flower wreath!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Ain't 40 Sweet?

Ain't 40 Sweet?
My best friend since the 8th grade is turning 40 this week. My girl LOVES salted caramel, well , salted anything really.  I wanted to do something special without breaking the bank.  I found this recipe on pinterest, salted caramel sauce, and decided to make it. I was originally going to use small jelly jars until I remembered I had some of these old, brown, unused medicine bottles I had bought several years ago.
I started by making the labels by just printing them on avery business cards.I tried to incorporate the theme with the medicine bottle through wording. I then used my handy,dandy grommet tool to add some sturdy embellishments. I happen to own a lot of different color bakers twine so I did every bottle in a different color twine. I then printed out the ingredients on avery return address labels. I loved how they turned out.
Right after I added the heavy whipping cream.
It settled into the most beautiful caramel color. Go figure.
The "fun"nel part. In hind sight I should have waited to put the labels on.

Love all the twine!
The ingedients. No, its not really fountain of youth water.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Textured sensory bags

My friends son turned 1 this last week and I had no clue what to get him. I searched the web looking for ideas and came up with this, textured sensory bags.

I used different textured fabric: denim, taffeta, chenille, polished cotton,felt and embroidered cotton.  I used scrap fabric and clothes that were in the donate pile. I didn't really measure much, just cut squares and sewed them together, stuffed with soft filling (from pillow I no longer used). I love how they turned out. The birthday boy seemed to enjoy them, too!