Saturday, February 23, 2013

Breakfast Wreath

I needed a project on a rainy day. I perused pinterest and then came up with this. I adjusted recipe to use what I had on hand.
1 Crescent Roll Tube
6 eggs
Cheese, umm about 1.5 cups,shredded ( I used cheddar and jack)
Sandwich Ham, right out of package, diced.
Lay out crescent rolls in star shape. (refer to picture)
Scramble eggs, then distribute onto star. Salt, pepper it. Then sprinkle the cheese and ham. (or bacon or sausage or ALL:))
Wrap points around to meet in the middle.
Bake according to directions on crescent roll package.
Yes, its that easy.
* next time I am drizzling hollandaise over it.

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