Thursday, February 7, 2013

Up-cycled book crafts.

I love the Library! I love the Friends of the Library Store too! It is a little store tucked in the corner of our main branch library where you can buy maps, records, books and other trinkets for a song or a verse;-) We are working on updating our web site but you are welcome to check it out, The Friends of the Library.

Since joining The Board of Directors, I am in the position to go into the basement and cherry pick books to make projects that I then donate to the store for Helga to sell.( Helga is the woman that makes things happen in that store. She is AMAZING!) I also, on occasion, do some craft fairs and donate a portion of my sales to The Friends. Its a good gig!

These are a few of the things I make out of pre-loved books. I understand that some people have a problem destroying books however it takes the guilt away if the library says its o.k. We are crafting people, not burning.
recycled paper. using book pages, old bills and whatever was laying around.
My booth at Railroad Square.

book purse
book purse.

book page magnets

book page ornaments. JOY cut out from cereal box. And christmas trees.
gift tags using recycled card board and book pages.
I love the accordian ornaments. They make a beautiful, unique garland.

book page owl made out of toilet paper roll.
Book page owl in a book page flower wreath!

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