Monday, March 18, 2013

Pasta, from Scratch

We are paying bills. Paying off loans. In other words, we are broke. However,silver lining, this is when I feel I am the most creative and resourceful. I wish I could remember to do these things when we had money in our account. It would save us more money.

I have made pasta from scratch before but with the help of a pasta machine. I still have the machine but I wanted a challenge( and less dishes). I guess next time I will look for something harder because THIS WAS EASY.

I used The Pioneer Woman's Blog for instructions, which there weren't that many. Our family consists of 2 so I used 1.5 cups flour and 3 eggs for 3 servings . I didn't want to come up short since I wasn't making more.

I didn't take process pictures, my hands were covered in dough.

I followed instructions from the blog and it all came together quite nicely. I rolled it as thin as I could get and just used a pizza slicer to cut it. I didn't do it exact and I loved the homemade look of it all.

Every so often my boyfriend's clients will give him tips in the form of food. We have gotten deer sausage,local honey and other baked goodies. This week he brought home halibut that his clients caught in Alaska.

I butterfly cut the halibut steak and popped it in a baking dish I had sprayed with Pam. I sprayed some more Pam on top and sprinkled with dill. Oven on 400. 10 minutes. I cooked the pasta. IT TAKES 2 MINUTES. 2 MINUTES. I am not used to cooking fresh pasta so I think I cooked it a minute too long. Still, delicious. I had some alfredo sauce from a jar (don't judge) in the fridge. I poured a smidge on the pasta then topped with the baked halibut. Fin.

I was proud  of myself and no one was the wiser that this gourmet meal would have never happened if we didn't have 2 dimes to rub together.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Thrift Find and Chicken Pot Pie

I went thrifting yesterday and found these precious individual casserole dishes. They are not Pyrex however, they mingle right in with my small,real deal collection.
I cleaned them up and had to use them. I used them today for lunch to make Lazy Woman's Pot Pie. It requires little effort. It can be adapted to things you may have on hand. Its cheap. Its good to have on a crisp, spring day.
Lazy Woman's Pot Pie
Use  store bought pie crust if you want a top and a bottom. For my little ones  made in picture, I had canned biscuits so I used that.
In a bowl I mixed 1 can cream of chicken ( I would have used cream of anything, really. Mushroom, celery, broccoli, potato,etc.)
To that I added 1 larger can of chicken.
Mix. Add seasonings. I added oregano, salt, pepper, thyme. Spoon into pie dish.
Top with pie crust or biscuits. I patted 2 biscuits together to make minis.                                                
Bake according to directions on packaging of crust or biscuits.
*had to put biscuits back in oven for 10 minutes longer. The bottoms were raw. Maybe, next time I will cut into quarters and put on top.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Upcycled Paper Bows and Sailboats

Green Arts Fest is coming up  March 30th at Railroad Square in Tallahassee,FL. It is organized and run by an amazing lady named, Carly. She is the owner of the non profit store ,The Sharing Tree, also located at Railroad Square.
I needed a springy project. I started making these today. I will be participating at The Fest and a portion of my sales will go to The Friends of the Library, so come buy stuff.
I found this wonderful tutorial, here. I have been enjoying all the possibilities and I hope you do too!
Hit up The Friends of the Library Store located in the main branch  library for resources, if you need some one of a kind bows.
March 5, 2013
I worked on these last night, Origami sailboats. I used this tutorial.
And this was the result;)