Monday, April 1, 2013

Birthday Journey

I had a birthday party to attend on Sunday. I also know the girl loves crafts. This is my idea. I love the final product and I didn't break the bank. Hell, I didn't even touch the bank.
This is what I did. I went to our local craft recycle store, The Sharing Tree, and picked up  piece of foam board for 75 cents. I then found a Chamber of Commerce Map of Tallahassee (free) and ironed out the creases. I put the map on the ironing board, topped it with a dish towel and on the lowest setting ironed out as many creases as I could.
I then mounted the map onto the foam board with spray adhesive. I had framed the precious quote for my boyfriend a while back. I just hand wrote it on the foam board. If I didn't have time restraints I would have done it on the computer. I then attached push pins into the foam board and asked the party guests to mark on the map where they met the birthday girl and then also sign their name. In our case a lot of us met her at the same restaurant so we just all signed around the one push pin.

Again. I loved it. And I am certain I will make this again.

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