Tuesday, September 3, 2013


A few years ago I bought a 2 piece love seat for our back porch. I paid 6 dollars for the set. It was a bargain considering I didn't care what happened to them. They were already a bit dirty. Add Florida weather and dogs and you have what will more than likely end up in a burn pile. And that is almost what happened Saturday. Almost.

I just loved the style of them and the fact they can be a couch, a chaise or 2 chairs made me hold off the burning. I did a little research on pinterest. I read several tutorials and felt confident I had the perfect practice furniture. I had left over paint from the hallway which my boyfriend affectionately calls "tidy bowl" blue. I ran up to Joann's and used my coupon(s)to pick up some fabric medium and I was off to painting.....the couch.
The link I followed was found here. You use indoor house paint mixed with fabric medium. It is that easy.

The pre-loved, dirty, couch piece.
During the process pictures.

I was concerned I would run out of the blue so I switched to lime green for the cushions. It took a while to dry since it was raining off and on all weekend and the HUMIDITY! But here is what the final product looked like in the end. A million bucks, a happy owner and a feeling of accomplishment.

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